Here are the rules that we enforce to help everyone enjoy their visit to our field.
If you ever have any questions please send us a message or ask our field staff and they will be happy to help you out.

Safety First

Mask and Safety Goggles must be Worn at All Times in the Play Area, and Chronograph-Range. No Exceptions.
Barrel Covers are Mandatory when in the Safe Area.
Be Mindful of Field Hazards.
No Blind Firing.
No Physical Contact Between Players.
No Intoxicated Players on the Field.
Markers May Only Be Discharged in the Play Area and at the Chronograph-Range.
Marker Velocity must adhere to Field Limits.
Do Not Shoot Into or Out of the Safe Area.
n20 paintball reserves the right to disallow the use any equipment deemed unsafe.
Common Sense is Mandatory at All Times.

Have fun

Be Respectful of Others and Show Good Sportsmanship.
It is customary to offer Surrender with in 10 feet, you are Required to Accept Surrender.
Judges and Referees Decisions are Final.

Enjoy the field

All Individuals Entering the Play Area Must Sign a Waiver Form.
Do Not Will-fully Damage the Fields or Facilities.
Consult The Staff If You Require Assistance With Any Rental Equipment.
No Smoking in the Play Area.
Field Paint Only. No Outside Paint.

Be Safe! And have a great time.


The n20 Paintball Team.